Signs that Indicate One Needs Hearing Aids

If one is experiencing hearing loss, they may think others are mumbling or have some difficulty following conversations when they’re in a group. Fortunately, hearing aids can help separate out and amplify sounds, making it easier for people with hearing loss to hear.

What Are the Signs of Hearing Loss?

Some of the most evident signs of hearing loss include:

– The affected individual may complain that others are speaking too softly.

– They frequently ask others to repeat what has already been said.

– They prefer the radio or television louder than others in the room.

– They have difficulty understanding what is said on the telephone.

– They often have trouble understanding speech or dialogue in live theater productions or during movies.

– They may have mood swings and may become irritable, impatient, or withdrawn.

– They strain to hear anything that is spoken in a normal setting.

What Can Hearing Aids Do?

Unlike glasses or contact lenses, hearing aid devices don’t correct or restore hearing. Instead, they only help amplify sound waves, so the wearer can hear better. While the hearing aid technology that’s available today is excellent, it’s still essentially an “aid” and, hence, isn’t a hundred percent effective unless they’re combined with communication strategies.

How Many Hearing Aids Does One Need?

If the hearing loss exists in both ears, then it’s likely that the wearer will benefit significantly from wearing the hearing aid in both ears (this is similar to wearing eyeglasses for both eyes). In comparison, if the individual is suffering from loss of hearing in only one ear, a single hearing aid may suffice. Either way, a trained audiologist will be able to recommend the right number of hearing aids to be used after performing an audio/hearing test.

Benefits of Hearing Aids

– They help the wearer hear and understand speech even when there’s background noise.

– The wearer needs to exert less auditory effort, so they’re less fatigued by the end of the day.

– There’s less amplification in hearing aids, which reduces the chances of feedback (also known as hearing aid whistling).

– Hearing aids can help improve the wearer’s ability to locate the source of different sounds.